A smoking SUV after a bizarre car accident

Nashville driver flips car during severe allergy attack, rescued by golfers in bizarre car accident

Bizarre car accident: A Nashville driver flipped his car on Monday afternoon in Belle Meade after suffering a severe allergy attack. In a sudden fit of uncontrollable sneezing, the unidentified driver lost control of his SUV and ran off the road, hitting a culvert. The impact launched his vehicle and flipped it back into the street. (Click here if you need a nashville car accident lawyer.)

The SUV skidded down the road on its side before coming to rest near a traffic camera, which captured the accident. Luckily for the driver, the accident occurred next to Percy Warner Golf Course, where several golfers and construction workers witnessed the car flip and skid.

The vehicle came to a stop on its side in the middle of the road, with the driver’s door facing down. The witnesses, realizing that the driver was stuck in the wreckage like a golf ball in a sand trap, rushed to flip the car upright and help him escape. The entire incident was captured on camera and released in this video by News4.

After a couple of coordinated group pushes, the eight golfers and construction workers succeeding in flipping the car and helping the driver get out. Soon after the driver’s escape, the hood of the car burst into flames. According to police, neither the driver nor the rescuers were injured.

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