Construction Accident Lawyers in Nashville

Construction Accident Lawyers in Nashville

If you’re looking for a construction accident lawyer in Nashville, here’s what you need to know.

Construction sites can be, by their nature, dangerous places. A scaffolding collapse, falling equipment or materials, ladder failure or a slip-and-fall accident can lead to serious injury or even death. In addition, there is a risk of chemical exposure, electrocution or electrical burn, carbon monoxide poisoning, or power tool failure injury on many construction sites.

At David Randolph Smith & Associates, our construction accident lawyers in Nashville have years of experience obtaining full and fair compensation for people injured in construction accidents. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation. We serve clients throughout Tennessee and in neighboring states.

Handling a Full Range of Construction Injuries

General contractors and subcontractors sometimes cut corners in matters of safety and security in an effort to meet tight deadlines and budgets. Failure to maintain a crane, forklift, dump truck or other machinery can cause a serious accident with devastating consequences.

If you have been injured or you lost a loved one in a construction accident in Tennessee, Alabama or Kentucky, you may have a strong case for a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. Our team of experienced attorneys and independent experts and accident investigators are here to help clients pursue proper compensation for all types of construction injuries, including those caused by

  • Ladder falls
  • Scaffolding accidents
  • Falling objects
  • Defective equipment

If you are a construction worker or passerby who was hurt, or lost a loved one to a wrongful death, let us help hold all those liable for your damages accountable.

In certain situations, we may also be able to help you file a third party liability lawsuit in an on-the-job construction accident case regardless of whether workers’ compensation will cover your claim.

Our attorneys’ credentials show a dedication to our clients’ interests and respect among our peers. You can read more about their backgrounds on our attorney profiles page.

To schedule a detailed discussion of your case with a straightforward and knowledgeable construction site accident lawyer, contact our offices today.

We have close working relationships with local, state and federal law enforcement and officials and investigators. If you you are seeking a construction accident lawyer in Nashville, we would be pleased to hear from you.