A pharmacist prepares medication. Medical device lawsuits are on the rise

Defective medical device lawsuits

According to a recent market forecast, the medical device industry is currently worth over $400 billion and is growing quickly. The fast-expanding market for medical devices means that new products are released into the hands of healthcare providers almost every day. Many of these products are thoroughly researched and tested before they are given to patients—but many are not.

And when a patient relies on a medical device to stabilize or improve their condition, the patient trusts that the device will perform as the manufacturer and medical professionals claim that it will. Unfortunately,  medical devices don’t always perform as promised.

When a medical device proves to be defective due to flawed design, insufficient testing, or faulty research, the patient is the one who suffers. The Nashville defective medical device and product liability attorneys at David Randolph Smith & Associates understand the unique complications and difficulties that arise from a defective medical device lawsuit, and we are ready to help you navigate your claim. We have the experience needed to bring a successful medical device lawsuit.

Types of medical device claims

There are several types of potential defects in medical devices, including flawed design, faulty manufacture, purposefully concealed hazards, and unknown side effects. These defects may cause serious harm, permanent injury, or even death to the patients who rely on such devices. The experienced Nashville medical device and product liability attorneys at David Randolph Smith are ready to represent you in a wide variety of medical device lawsuits, including:

Do I have a viable claim for a medical device lawsuit?

It is often difficult for a patient to know whether the injuries caused by a defect will support a medical device lawsuit. The viability of a medical device lawsuit depends on a variety of factors, including the injury type, the extent of the injury, how the device caused the injury, and the patient’s medical condition at the time the device was used.  To learn more about the viability of your medical device claim, call the experienced Nashville medical device  and product liability lawsuit attorneys at David Randolph Smith & Associates.