If you've been injured in an auto accident, you may need help finding your Tennessee crash report

How to get a Tennessee Crash Report

If you’ve been involved or injured in a recent Tennessee auto accident, you may want to obtain a copy of the Tennessee crash report for your own records, or to keep on hand in the event of potential litigation.

The information contained in a crash report can be invaluable, especially if an injury occurred and you expect litigation to arise from the circumstances of the crash.

Getting a crash report is generally easy, and can be done in several different ways.  For more detailed information, contact the Nashville car wreck injury lawyers at David Randolph Smith & Associates today.

What information do crash reports contain?

Crash reports are valuable sources of information for the details of any Tennessee auto accident. Crash reports typically contain the names and addresses of the parties involved, as well as the names of potential eyewitnesses to the car accident. The report will note the date, time, and location of the accident, which may be valuable for indicating certain conditions surrounding the accident (such as inclement or low-visibility weather). The crash report will also note the law enforcement officer’s official determination of which party was at fault in the crash, if fault is assigned, and may depict a diagram or written description of the accident scene. If any extenuating circumstances contributed to the accident, these may be noted in the report as well.

Who can request a crash report?

Typically, any driver, passenger, or car owner (or their legal representative) involved in the accident may request a crash report. Because the other parties involved in the accident are likely to request an accident report, it’s in your best interests to obtain the same information.

Where can I get an accident report?

The Tennessee Highway Patrol office

For a $4.00 fee, your local Tennessee Highway Patrol office can distribute a copy of your Tennessee crash report in person or by mail, even if your crash was investigated by a different law enforcement agency. To obtain your report, you’ll need to provide the names of the drivers involved, the date on which the crash occurred, the county where it happened, and the agency tracking number.  Visit the THP website to download a form for requesting the crash report by mail, or to find where your nearest district office is located. Be aware that crash reports may not be available till 7 days after the accident.

Other law enforcement agencies

If your crash was investigated by a different law enforcement agency (such as the Metro Nashville Police Department or county sheriff’s office) you can also purchase a copy of the crash report from their office. Call the records office of the agency you wish to obtain the report from, or go online to determine their crash report request guidelines.

Tennessee auto accident attorneys

If your Tennessee car crash report indicates that you may have grounds for litigation in your auto accident, call the Nashville car crash attorneys at David Randolph Smith & Associates for expert advice on your car crash claim.