Morgue Autopsy Case

The firm represented the parents of two families whose deceased adult child’s autopsy was shown on national television without the consent of the surviving parents.The broadasts were part of a TLC network television reality series, True Stories From the Morgue Autopsy Case. In two lawsuits filed in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee (pending before Judge John Nixon) the plaintiffs named as defendants The Learning Channel, Discovery Communications, Principal Films, the Nashville-Davidson County Medical Examiner (Dr. Bruce Levy) and others as defendants for invasion of family privacy and other claims for broadcasting the autopsy images on the episode “Murder in Music City” without the family’s consent.

In 2004 the families in both cases reached confidential settlements with the media defendants (Discovery Communications, The Learning Channel and Principal Films) and after extensive briefing on the issue of liability. In 2005 the families settled with the Nashville-Davidson County Medical Examiner’s professional corporation, thus concluding the litigation.