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Personal Injury Lawyer

There is no substitute for superior preparation, legal research and writing. Every court paper, motion, oral argument and trial should be the best work that an attorney can produce. We are not satisfied until the client is. With a variety of litigation types ranging from medical malpractice, car accidents to dangerous drugs and medical devices, we are committed to fight for the client under any circumstance.

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People who have been wronged or abused by the negligence of corporate America are worth fighting, and winning, for. We handle personal injury cases throughout the country. Few lawyers are able to say they have worked on both sides in the personal injury litigation world. However, David Randolph Smith has practiced for over 30 years from both sides of the field, defense and plaintiff’s, spending 5 years representing corporate America in litigation, 5 years as a professor of law at Vanderbilt Univeristy School of law and the past 20 years fighting for the rights of the injured.

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A personal injury claim lawyer will attempt to prove that you, the client, suffered injuries caused by the negligence of another party. Provided that your evidence supports your claim, you may be entitled to monetary compensation from that party.

Top Personal Injury Lawyers

Top personal injury lawyers will present various forms of evidence, such as medical exhibits, in the trial to further increase validity of your claims, as well as damages you are entitled to. Your lost income and your age also come into consideration, and are factored into the settlement or verdict amount.