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$80 Million Crematory Cases
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Bennett v. Trevecca Nazarene Univ.

Landmark Tennessee Supreme Court case holding that a premises owner has a duty of reasonable care to provide accurate information to an independent contractor if the owner provides specific information germane to the repair.

In December 26, 2001, a security guard at Trevecca Nazarine University (“TNU”) in Nashville, Tennessee, noticed that some campus buildings...

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Ashe v. Radiation Oncology Associates

9 S.W.3d 119 (Tenn., Dec 27, 1999) (Landmark informed consent case on causation brought after patient, who underwent radiation treatment for lung tumor, sustained radiation myelitis and was rendered paraplegic).

Ms. Ashe sustained “radiation myelitis” caused by a permanent radiation injury to her spinal cord. She became a paraplegic.  Id....

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Jordan v. Baptist Three Rivers Hospital

Before our firm successfully argued the Jordan case before the Tennessee Supreme Court, a child could not recover for the intangible benefits of a deceased parent.

 Landmark case establishing that wrongful death damages include loss of consortium.