Settlements and Verdicts

Since 1993, DRS has recovered over $500 million for our clients.


$193 millionComplex Plaintiff LitigationA whistleblower exposed massive healthcare fraud by Endo Pharmaceuticals.
$120 millionComplex Plaintiff LitigationClass action lawsuit against an unlicensed funeral home operator.
$10.7 millionMedical MalpracticeWayne Barkes passed away suddenly after returning home from the ER where he was never seen by a physician. Following this tragedy, his wife turned to our firm for help.
$6 millionComplex Plaintiff LitigationConfidential settlement.
$6 millionPersonal InjuryA 35-year-old man suffered permanent injuries when he fell from a defective scissor lift.
$3.5 millionLegal MalpracticeConfidential settlement.
$2.6 millionMedical Devices & DrugAn adult suffered permanent heart-valve damage from a defective anti-obesity drug.
$2.4 millionCivil RightsDRS Law sued the University of Tennessee for violations of Title IX laws, which protect students from gender discrimination in federally funded education programs. We alleged that UT created a hostile sexual environment for female students. Following our firm’s Title IX settlement, UT made changes to its student code of conduct and its practices for handling sexual assault complaints.
$2 millionCivil RightsChildren received compensation when their mother was beaten to death while she was an inmate at a prison in Tennessee.
$2 millionComplex Plaintiff LitigationLandowners recovered $2 million when a power plant in Paducah, Kentucky contaminated their properties with radioactive particles. 
$2 millionMedical Devices & DrugA contaminated dietary supplement caused a rare disorder that affects multiple organ systems of the body including the muscles, skin, and lungs. 
$2 millionMedical MalpracticeA pathologist’s misdiagnosis of a benign tumor as cancer resulted in an unnecessary amputation of a minor’s leg.
$1.9 millionMedical MalpracticeA 66-year-old man developed late stage lung cancer when a Tennessee cardiologist failed to follow-up on an abnormal x-ray. 
$1.3 millionCivil RightsSeveral business owners in Tennessee were wrongfully arrested on charges that were later dropped. We sued the Sheriff of Rutherford County, the Smyrna Police Chief, and Rutherford County District Attorneys for civil rights violations, including the false arrests. 
$1.1 millionWrongful deathAn explosion at a fabrication facility in Tennessee resulted in serious injuries and burns to multiple workers, including the death of a 20-year-old man with a  wife and two children. The explosion occurred because of inadequate safety protocols, supervision and safety equipment.
$1 millionPersonal InjuryTwo minor children were exposed to unsafe levels of lead because of industrial site contamination in Tennessee. The lead poisoning caused permanent brain damage.
$1 millionTrucking AccidentsA grandmother died when a cement truck rear-ended her vehicle in McKenzie, Tennessee.
$1 millionTrucking AccidentsA tractor-trailer rear-ended an engaged couple on I-40 near Memphis, Tennessee, causing serious injuries. 
$1 millionPersonal InjuryA 23-year-old man fell from a house in Kentucky and suffered serious physical injuries. 
$900,000Personal InjuryDomestic violence / sexual assault.
$775,000Medical MalpracticeAn emergency department in Tennessee failed to communicate a blood infection to the patient, resulting in endocarditis and heart valve replacement surgery. 
$750,000Wrongful deathA young mother (with her infant in the car) died when a suspect who was being chased by law enforcement crashed into her vehicle during rush-hour traffic in Rutherford County, Tennessee.
$700,000Trucking AccidentsA man died in a tractor-trailer collision on I-24 near Manchester, Tennessee.
$650,000Trucking AccidentsA man died in a roll-over car accident from roof-crush injuries. We sued the automaker for manufacturing a vehicle with a defective roof.
$650,000Trucking AccidentsA woman sustained catastrophic injuries from a multiple-vehicle car wreck on I-40 near Nashville TN.
$650,000Medical Devices & DrugA woman underwent multiple surgeries and sustained permanent injuries from defective vaginal mesh.
$650,000Medical MalpracticeA 12-year-old boy died when his pediatrician failed to diagnose appendicitis. 
$600,000Medical MalpracticeA neurosurgeon failed to treat a dural tear, resulting in arachnoiditis.
$550,000Medical MalpracticeA man sustained a catastrophic spinal cord injury when a physical therapist failed to follow surgeon’s orders.
$525,000Medical MalpracticeA newborn died from enterovirus when an OB/GYN mistreated the mother’s pre-delivery virus.
$525,000Trucking AccidentsA woman died in tractor-trailer collision on I-40 in Tennessee.
500,000Medical MalpracticeA 56-year-old woman suffered necrotizing fasciitis and septic shock when an OB/GYN failed to prescribe the appropriate antibiotic for an infection.
$450,000Medical Devices & DrugAn elderly man died from complications of hip revision surgery.
$450,000Legal MalpracticeA lawyer missed the statute of limitations for filing a Title IX lawsuit.
$450,000Personal InjurySexual abuse of a minor.
$450,000Medical MalpracticeA 45-year old mother died when an anesthesiologist failed to maintain the airway during a routine endoscopy procedure.

Over $500 Million
Recovered Since 1993

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