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Tennessee Hernia Mesh Lawyers

The Tennessee hernia mesh lawyers at David Randolph Smith & Associates understand the unique complications and difficulties that arise from a defective medical device lawsuit, and we are ready to help you navigate your claim. We have the experience needed to bring a successful medical device lawsuit.

What is hernia mesh?

Hernias occur as a result of tissue or organs bulging through weakened muscle areas, typically in the abdomen. In order to strengthen the muscle wall and prevent further bulges, surgeons often implant a webbing known as hernia mesh around the abdominal muscles.

Some types of hernia mesh are permanent, and meant to remain in the abdomen for the rest of the patient’s life. Other types are intended to be dissolvable, and slowly disappear over time as the patient’s muscles recover. If no complications arise, hernia mesh can reinforce a patient’s weak abdominal muscles and relieve the pain of bulging hernias.

Unfortunately, the hernia patient is not always so lucky. Permanent hernia mesh doesn’t always stay put as intended, and dissolvable mesh doesn’t always disappear as easily as it should. There are several complications that can arise from both types of hernia mesh, creating severely painful and even fatal medical conditions.  If you have suffered any of these complications, you may need to call a Tennessee hernia mesh lawyer today.

What are the dangers of hernia mesh?

There have been many cases of hernia mesh complications reported, and a number of hernia mesh products—both dissolvable and permanent—have been recalled due to defective design, faulty manufacturing, or hazardous materials. According to the FDA, the leading causes of certain medical conditions, such as bowel obstruction and perforation, are complications arising from recalled hernia mesh implants. Even hernia mesh products that have not been found defective can cause significant, painful side effects.

According to the FDA, the most common side effects of hernia mesh include:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Infection
  • Adhesion (when scar tissue forms over the mesh and attaches to other tissues in the body, often causing pain and stomach problems)
  • Bowel obstruction

The more severe side effects of hernia mesh include:

  • Migration (when the mesh detaches from the muscle wall and moves internally)
  • Mesh rejection (when the mesh’s artificial material triggers a severe immune response in the patient)

How do I know if my hernia mesh is defective?

Some hernia mesh complications, such as infection or mesh rejection, may arise within days of surgery. Others, such as migration and adhesion, may not present symptoms for several years after.  Some of the most common symptoms of injury from hernia mesh include:

  • Sudden high fever
  • Severe pain at the surgical site
  • Digestive pain
  • Redness or swelling at the surgical site
  • Nausea and vomiting

What do I do if I or a loved one have been injured by hernia mesh?

Call the Tennessee hernia mesh lawyers at David Randolph Smith & Associates. Our experienced Nashville hernia mesh lawyers stand ready to evaluate your case and offer the best advice for the next step in your Tennessee hernia mesh injury lawsuit.