Tennessee legal malpractice lawyer

Tennessee Legal Malpractice Attorneys

Legal malpractice is a notoriously complex area of law, but our team knows how to handle these tough cases. If you are looking for a Nashville legal malpractice attorney, David Randolph Smith & Associates is here to serve you. If you have suffered damage or harm, due to the negligence of a lawyer, you may have a claim against them for malpractice, or breach of fiduciary duty.

Sometimes, lawyers fail to provide competent counsel and/or representation, resulting in losses suffered by the client, and they should be held accountable for their actions. Legal malpractice can cover many different scenarios, including but not limited to the following:

• Administrative errors (scheduling or other clerical errors)
• Conflict of interest between client and others, or client and lawyer’s interests
• Substantive errors, misunderstanding of laws
• Intentional wrongdoing such as fraud, theft, libel, or malicious persecution
• Client relation errors, ignoring client requests or direction

What You Should Do

What should you do if you suspect legal malpractice in Tennessee? The best thing you could do is reach out to an experienced Nashville legal malpractice attorney like David Randolph Smith & Associates, to discuss the viability of your case. Because many different pieces must fall into place, to win a malpractice suit, it’s also important that you gather and save all evidence you have to back up your claim. To prevail in a legal malpractice case or negligence lawsuit in Nashville, and Tennessee in general, we must prove the following:

• Existence of client-attorney relationship
• Negligence in the legal representation of the plaintiff
• That this negligence was the cause of injury/harm
• Fact and extent of claimed injury/harm

Is It Hard To Find Legal Malpractice Attorney in Tennessee?

It takes a sharp, savvy, and tenacious attorney to win a legal malpractice case. Thankfully, with the assistance of our experienced Nashville legal malpractice attorneys,, you can rest well knowing you’re in good hands. These types of cases can require tremendous diligence, including gathering expert testimonies, evaluating standards of care, and addressing potential “cases within cases.” While occasionally these cases are straightforward, like if a lawyer was directly stealing money from a client, most are complex. Don’t trust your future to just any malpractice attorney. Come to our firm. Reach out today for your free consultation.