A doctor performs a surgery. Tennessee Essure lawsuits are on the rise.

Tennessee Essure Lawsuits —

Tennessee Essure lawsuits are complex and require a complete evaluation by lawyers with first-hand experience in the complications and injuries caused by improper placement of Essure devices. The law firm of David Randolph Smith & Associates–located in Nashville, Tennessee–has handled several  defective medical device lawsuits throughout Tennessee.

What is Essure?

What is Essure–and why are patients bringing Essure lawsuits in Tennessee? Essure is a pregnancy prevention device that permanently sterilizes the female patient. Essure devices are round metal coils that are placed in the patient’s fallopian tubes in order to cause internal scarring. This scar tissue creates a blockage in the tube, resulting in an effective pregnancy preventative. Essure is intended to be a non-reversible sterilization procedure.

What complications can arise from Essure?

Since the device’s introduction in the early 2000s, Essure devices have been found to cause a number of complications in patients, including:

  • Perforation of the fallopian tubes
  • Metal toxicity (toxic shock syndrome)
  • Punctured uterus
  • Infection
  • Severe allergic reactions


In 2015, the FDA reported that over 5,000 complaints regarding Essure side effects had been registered, including seven deaths linked to the device. As a result of the number and severity of these complaints, the FDA issued restrictions on the sale and use of Essure in 2018.  If you or someone you know has experienced these side effects, call our Tennessee Essure lawyers today.

What causes Essure complications (i.e. how is the device defective)?

There are a number of characteristics of the Essure device that may cause sudden, painful complications in patients. Some devices are poorly manufactured, causing the device to break off the fallopian tubes, puncturing the tubes or the uterus (or both). Sometimes, patients react negatively to the nickel and titanium that the coils are coated with. And because the device is relatively new, the long-term effects of the device are not yet known; women who use the device over the course of a lifetime may be more susceptible to injury.

What treatment is available for victims of Essure complications?

Treatment for Essure complications varies based on the nature of the patient’s injury. Sometimes it is necessary for the patient to undergo surgery to have the device removed, causing significant pain and inconvenience. In some cases, it might take a long time for the physician to connect the patient’s symptoms with the Essure device, resulting in prolonged suffering and uncertainty.

If I or a loved one develop complications as a result of using the Essure device, what should I do?

Contact the Tennessee Essure lawyers and personal injury attorneys at David Randolph Smith & Associates right away. We’ll hear the facts of your Essure injury case and offer expert advice on what steps to take next, and how to navigate your claim.

Many women believe a contraceptive sold by the German company Bayer has caused them serious health problems. Many describe symptoms like extreme bloating, skin rashes and headaches, coils cutting through fallopian tubes and broken coils after they were removed. If you believe you may be experiencing these adverse effects, find a lawyer experienced in Tennessee Essure Lawsuits to help review your case today.