Should I hire a Lawyer Who Advertises on TV?

Generally, television advertisements are a bad way to find an attorney. Most advertisements are paid for by referral agencies, that collect large numbers of calls and then divide them up between member attorneys. Even when the advertisements are paid for by a law firm, often many of the cases are referred out to other firms who share the enormous cost of advertising. There is something very important to remember, when it comes to hiring a personal injury attorney — the best personal injury attorneys often do little or no advertising. They get their cases through “referrals” from other attorneys, due to their reputations for doing good work and getting good results. Most television ads for attorneys are designed to generate calls for referrals or handling cases on a volume basis.

If you are rich you can hire a big law firm on a retainer. But what if you are a regular person without a lot of money who has never had the need to hire a lawyer? How do you go about finding a lawyer who is really going to stand up for you against corporations and insurance companies? How do you find a lawyer who really has talent? There are some cases that only should be handled by a trial lawyer. In truth, trial lawyers are few and far between no matter what the TV ads for lawyers say. Investigate. Find out the lawyer’s track record. Do they even go to court? Do they actually try cases? Or do they just run ads and refer your case to another lawyer? Don’t be afraid to ask these questions. You have a right to find a real trial lawyer who will fight for you.

Jordan v. Baptist Three Rivers Hospital, 984 S.W.2d 593 (Tenn. 1999)(opinion)

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